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November 13, 2007

not completely DENIED!

I wasn't the only one having trouble with signing up for Madrona. After a short break while technical difficulties were worked out, registration reopened and I was able to sign up for a single class. Not my first choice, nor even my second, but a class I'm sure to enjoy nevertheless.

On a completely unrelated note, I found a favorite new way to eat sushi rolls today--stick a glob of wasabi on top of the roll, cover with a slice of ginger, and then use the chop stick to push the ginger and sushi into the center of the roll. Then, instead of an immediate wasabi kick, there is a delayed reaction after a chew or two. Of course, I will never let anyone see me do this as it is impolite to poke chopsticks into food (or so some Googling has revealed).

Favorite edible heat (in order):
1. wasabi
2. Cajun
3. Indian
>20. jalapeƱo [blech], especially the ubiquitous, soggy variety they put on everything in Texas.

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Yay! Glad you at least got into one class.

Those pickled jalapenos, the pale green things? I don't much care for those.

How do you feel about chipotles? Green chile?

One of these Thanksgivings we keep taking about making wasabi eggs (see, K's family has this thing (I guess a tradition) that they always have a big tray of deviled eggs. And a shrimp platter. Weird). Wasabi eggs would be: before you fill up the white with the egg goo, you put in a dab of wasabi. One of these days I have to try it. Maybe on a sushi night when there's extra wasabi hanging around.

Posted by: bigalice at Nov 14, 2007 11:10:11 AM

Those canned soggy jalapenos are yucka. Yes, I said yucka.
I *love* me some poblanos though! And I'll eat anything Cajun so long as there's some bleu cheese dressing around. I'm not much for the sushi. I have tried it though.

Posted by: Jenni at Nov 14, 2007 2:10:09 PM

I'm gonna have to try that sushi method! I am a recent convert to sushi of all kinds and I think my favorite part may very well be the wasabi... I just can't get enough of it all.

Posted by: Emma at Nov 14, 2007 4:48:16 PM

I, too had the same trouble with Madrona. Just one class for me as well. I'm wondering if I'll bother. I guess I'm thinking of the 45.00 registration fee and 75.00 for the class really makes it so I'll be paying 120.00 for a 3 hour class. I admit, it probably just sour grapes. :(
And really in the past, I've gotten every class I wanted. This was just a flukey falling down of the registration co. they contracted.

Posted by: kim at Nov 14, 2007 8:57:23 PM

Sometimes you learn the best things from classes /experiences you didn't think were going to enjoy. I hope Madrona is good!

That is a great idea about wasabi into sushi - I'll have to try.

Posted by: Kate at Nov 16, 2007 2:26:57 AM

First time I tried Madrona I got zero classes so I tried early this time and got a second choice class. But at least I'm going! I never knew about not poking the chopsticks in to food, heh. Just be discrete:)

Posted by: Barb at Nov 20, 2007 7:16:46 AM