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May 20, 2005

sock yarn III


Three cotton/wool blends. The two on the right are Regia; the one on the left is Sockotta.

This is where I make a liar out of myself. Earlier, I said that I was over self-patterning yarn. Well, the Regia does stripe. I'm making an exception in this case because it's a cotton sock yarn and you don't see many of those. At least, I don't.

The Regia costs twice as much as the Sockotta. I guess that's (almost) fair because it's also much softer than the Sockotta.


I've used Sockotta before. I bought some two years ago on a trip to visit a friend. This week at the conference, I'll be giving that friend a pair of socks knit from that yarn. Of course, I'll have to finish them first.


The final stop on our tour is some very basic sock yarn. Why is it so hard to find plain old sock yarn? The green is sort of an interesting color and a color that I can't usually wear because it makes people ask me if I'm feeling unwell. I figure if it's only on my feet, I can get away with it.

OK, that's the end. I ought to be flying in very late tonight. Gee, I post more often when I'm not even here.

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Nice sock yarn stash! I too knit the Go With The Flow socks, but I used Fleece Artist Merino which I think is very similar to Cherry Tree Hill and Koigu. They're all yummy! Curious to see how yours turns out with the size 2s. I think I used size 1.5 and was worried because it looked HUGE to me. My feet are fairly small though.

Posted by: c at May 20, 2005 8:08:50 AM

I used to have an awsome stripe pattern for socks. I'll see if I can find the notes I had and post the pattern. I made it up in many colors, the best was a plum/fucshia pair.

I'll check around the house for the notebook I had the pattern in, aptly titled, "the joy of socks"!

Posted by: Troy at May 23, 2005 6:57:18 AM

I really like the Regia Cotton/Wool - I have made a pair of socks with it and they are so cozy!

Posted by: Lisa at May 24, 2005 11:05:17 AM