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May 12, 2005

festival attendees




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May 10, 2005

MS&W timeline

Saturday, May 7th

8:30am - Arrive in parking lot of Howard County Fairgrounds

8:35am - Am overwhelmed

8:40am - Get in t-shirt line

9:05am - Now possess MS&W t-shirt (on the shopping list) and MS&W coffee mug (not on the shopping list)

9:10am - Enter Main building

9:15am - Buy sock yarn

9:30am - Buy sock yarn

9:45am - Oh look, little skeins of Koigu! Buy Koigu to knit socks

10:30am - Have spent entire year's yarn budget and have not yet left Main building (now possess much sock yarn and felting needles)

11:15am - Buy fleece for needle felting (shopping from list now complete)

11:30am - Mmm, more sock yarn

12:00pm - Hi, Louise!

12:15pm - Take glamour shots of sheep

12:30pm - Make trip to car, thereby completely missing out on any group meetup I know about

1:00pm - Attend class with Nancy Bush

4:00pm - Class ends; leave for home

Evening - Unable to rise from couch

Sunday, May 8th

All day - Unable to rise from couch

[Photos and more details to follow].

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What should one do while in Vancouver, BC?

MS&W recap is on the way [I hope].

In the mean time, does anyone have suggestions for places to see or dine while in Vancouver, BC?

Nothing that takes too much time because I'll be attending a conference, but a couple of quick or half-day backups may be nice to have when the talks and poster sessions finally drive me nuts.

Also, the conference is all next week.

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May 06, 2005

shopping list

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May 02, 2005

blame the trees

Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on my sock dilemma.

Here's the new plan of attack: As almost everyone suggested, I'm casting on with US2s. I'm also casting on two extra pattern repeats, 12 extra stitches. After the first row, I switch to US1s and proceed down the ankle to a short row heel.

I just passed my first heel and started down the foot last night. So far, so good. The cast on passes the heel test and the stitches are just the size I like them.

You can blame the trees for my slow progress and the lack of pictures and posts over the weekend. The arboreal orgy may natural and necessary for the leafy ones, but it gives me a headache.

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