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June 27, 2004

weekend with the folks

Although I am usually content to spend the entire weekend close to home with occasional expeditions out for necessary provisions such as lattes, chocolate croissants, and brie & sprout sandwiches on 6-grain bread; this weekend, I ventured out both days to attend the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

[You can click here or on the right to see my report on Scottish knitting at last year's festival].

The themes for this year's festival were Haiti, Music in Latino Culture, and Mid-Atlantic Maritime Communities. While I don't know if any future festival will ever match the grandeur that was 2002's The Silk Road, every festival has its own interests and charms. This year, the weather was beautiful and there was plenty to see.

On Saturday, I met up with Chelsea who, appropriately enough, I met at the Montgomery County Knitting Meetup.

mask2mask1We hit the festival and headed for Haiti. We saw Haitian crafts, culture, and some strange and wonderful things like these papier-mâché masks. [You can click on all the pictures in this post for a bigger view].

key_dogNaturally, on the way out Chelsea and I had to make a stop at the festival market and the next door Haitian Market. That's were I bought this ferocious painted metal dog who now guards my keys.

We rested on a bench in the garden behind the Smithsonian castle and did some knitting. [Ah, knitting, the break that refreshes].

chameleonAfter our break, we stopped in at the National Museum of Natural History where we checked out the insect exhibit [and the gift shop, of course]. This little guy came home with me; he's a beaded chameleon from Purple Rhino Imports.

Today, I went back down to the festival with 'the' Michelle, Genia, and Genia's husband and youngest son who is also a ninja turtle. A second trip to the festival with new people, especially a five-year-old ninja turtle, made the festival a new experience.

metal_mommaI took this picture in the metal cutting tent, primarily to show the bicycle chain earrings on the woman. It wasn't until I downloaded the photos tonight that I noticed junior coming in for a landing on this metal momma's breast. She looks quite surprised about it.

We made another trip to the marketplace and this time I left with a half pound of Haitian coffee.

On the way home we stopped at Stitch DC. [Another new knitting shop!] More on that next time.

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