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February 20, 2003

My Latest Obsession

Talk to the hand!

Work was cancelled Tuesday due to the snow. No more snow falling, but plenty on the ground, and more importantly, in the streets. I decided to take a little break from Kilim after three days of marathon knitting on it. I thought I'd try out the Sideways Garter-Stitch Gloves from the Winter 2002 issue of Spin-Off.

Spin-OffHow to make garter stitch utterly fascinating? Add provisional cast ons, short rows and garter-stitch grafting. The short rows and grafting were part of the pattern, I added the provisional cast ons because they seemed like a good idea given the grafting I'd have to do later...lots and lots of grafting.

Since it's a pattern in Spin-Off, it called for so many ounces of wool at so many yards per pound and wraps per inch. But, not being a spinner and not having some quantity of beautiful handspun yarn lying around, I used what did have?the Plymouth Galway that I had left over from my felted purse. I wasn't sure that I'd have enough for two gloves, but I just wanted to try this pattern out.

I am hooked. I made one glove on Tuesday and started the second which I finished last night. [Enough yarn, yay!] This was really engrossing considering it required so much counting and fiddling and sewing/grafting.

Folks, give the little lady a hand!

The first half of the glove emerged pretty quickly and then the real fun began as each new finger popped into existence until I was grafting the final seam along the thumb. And then...POOF...a 3-dimensional object the shape and size of my hand. [Isn't that similar to what makes knitting socks so fascinating?] The fingers seemed a tiny bit short at first, but the garter-stitch is so stretchy that all they need is a little tug and they fit perfectly. Also, while it might take a little concentration to make the hand wider, it wouldn't take very much to make the fingers longer if you really had to.

I stopped on the way home tonight to get yarn for several more pairs in assorted colors. [I got one pair out of a 210 yd. ball of yarn]. I've already cast on for a new one. I don't know how long this new obsession will last. I don't know if I'll keep them all or start giving them away. I'm bound to tire of all the grafting eventually. [I did discover though that I can sew equally well with both my right and left hand].

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