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January 21, 2003

Modified Magic Loop

Alison noticed the nifty new link button on the right. That was made by my very talented friend Christy. We kept each other sane in graduate school until she left to explore other opportunities and eventually co-founded Daisy Soap. I love their soap and use it exclusively. Some of my current favorites are Vanilla Oatmeal, Oatmeal Lavender, and Autumn Clove. I'm also never without a tube of their Peppermint Mind Your Own Beeswax Lip Balm. Ooh, and right now they have Special Valentine's Day Gift Sets.

Also prompted by Alison: In her blog entry for today, Alison says that she had to stop working on the adorable Dale bug sweater she is knitting because, after casting off for the neck steeks, her circular needle is too long. Until she can get a shorter one she's going to start working on a new project. Hey, I'm all for starting new projects, but if you are ever stuck in this situation and you can't wait or just have to finish, you can use a trick that has been rather enterprisingly dubbed 'The Magic Loop' method by Sarah Hauschka. Ms. Hauschka has written a 20-page booklet on how to use one 40" circular needle to knit a range of circumferences [I've seen this booklet advertised several places including here and here]. Here is a close-up of the method in action (from the second link).

I've never actually seen this booklet, but I am using a variation of this trick in the project that I hope to return to after Checkers is moved out of the 'pending' column. I've got the body and two sleeves of a Philosopher's Wool sweater on three different length US8 circular needles. I've had to resort to knitting one of the sleeves on a 32" needle. To remove some of the extra length, I've drawn up a loop of the needle's cable between two stitches well ahead of the stitches being knit. [Notice the loop is twisted].

new loop

I continue to knit, getting closer to the loop on the left,

working along

until all the stitches are knit. I then pull up another loop somewhere down the row and repeat.

almost done

[Note: I cannot seem to get these colors to come out anything like they look like in real life].

As they say on the list servs, YMMV. I'm sure this isn't as polished as Ms. Hauschka's presentation; but then again, you didn't have to pay $8+s&h for it either.

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