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March 31, 2007



Molly is modelling a scarf I made for the daughter of a friend. All the fashionable four-year-olds will be wearing one this year. But no one will be wearing this one if I don't put it in the mail.


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March 27, 2007

I have no power move

Do you know who zefrank is? No? Then read this. Then watch this.

Holy crap! That's big head bear!

Thank god he didn't show the header or mention the site by name because I have a low tolerance for harassment.

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March 25, 2007

the problem

You know what the problem is? I no longer want to spend time in my office. If I don't go into the office, I can't edit photos. No photos, no blogging.

That, and I'm extremely uninspired at the moment and I'm having difficulty maintaining my "knitblogger persona."

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March 19, 2007

annoyingly coy

OK, I was being coy--that's annoying. I was half-heartedly trying to refrain from whining about yet another thing. Looks like I gotta be me.

Here are some more details edited (mostly for spelling and grammar) from a reply I gave to Ellen.

"Here's the poop: the pattern is Bonne Marie's Ariann and the yarn is Cascase 220. I've seen at least two very successful versions with this combination. Mine...not so much. I can't pinpoint one specific cause for my displeasure. Among the things that bug: my paired decreases look like ass and I don't think blocking is going to solve the problem (I have reknit almost every piece because I hate how they look); I am probably one of only a handful of knitters who doesn't like knitting anything but Fair Isle and socks in the round (the sleeves are worked in the round and I almost worked them flat because I hated working the stitch pattern in the round and my knitting even more closely resembled ass); I'm not confident that the sweater is going to fit or flatter anyway (test fittings so far, such as they are, have not given me confidence)."

As I told Ellen, I haven't ripped yet; I am in a cooling off period.

Frankly, the knitting mojo is at an ebb--nothing satisfies and everything frustrates. I'm waiting for the good times to roll around again.

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March 17, 2007

a knitting lesson

Gosh, there haven't been any real knitting posts in weeks.

It's not because I haven't been knitting. I've been knitting a sweater I am considering returning to its primal state. Things aren't going well.

After the unexpected success of linty oatmeal, I was willing to give this contender quite a long trial. I didn't blog about it though, because I didn't want to complain bitterly about two projects in a row. However, I've finally come to believe I'm not mistaken this time. It's regrettable because I'm almost three-fourths done and I've invested weeks of not all that pleasant knitting to get to this point.

I don't blame the pattern or the yarn because I've seen them combined to produce at least one life-affiming sweater. For whatever reason, this sweater at this time isn't for me.

I'm back to the drawing board to figure out what to work on next, right after I frog this lesson out of existence.

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March 08, 2007

Tournament of Books

[I have mostly gotten a grip and regained my perspective today].

The Morning News Tournament of Books starts today.

There was a time when I read a lot (of fiction that is). Not any more, now I mostly read book reviews and think about reading books. For the past couple of years, I've followed the tournament and dreamed about reading all the competitors and making up my own mind as to the winner.

If you enjoy comtempory literary fiction and fierce head-to-head competition, the tournament may be the strain of March Madness for you.

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March 07, 2007


rise above it get a grip

let it go

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March 03, 2007

I didn't know you were paying attention

Yesterday during a presentation, I noticed that the co-worker sitting next to me was examining me intently. I was a little puzzled and couldn't figure out what she must be looking at. When the presentation was over, she turned and said, "You aren't wearing anything hand-knitted today." If I keep that up, I'll lose my reputation.

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March 01, 2007

knitting without cabling

I cancelled my cable service today. It's not because I don't see the point in watching television. I love television. You may have noticed that one of the links on my sidebar is for Television Without Pity. I enjoy reading discussions about television shows and recaps of television shows I may or may not have even seen. I love television that much.

And really, I haven't stopped watching television shows per se; I'm watching most of the broadcast and cable network shows that I would have been otherwise watching on my TV for free on the Internet. What I'm not doing is coming home at night and turning on the TV to keep me company without much regard for what's on. I miss the science and history shows just a little.

I've also restarted my Netflix subscription. [More than a year after cancelling my subscription, my queue was waiting for me when I came back]. Unlike the last time I was subscribed, I am actually watching and returning the DVDs at a pretty decent clip. I'm watching a much more eclectic mix of movies and television shows than I could get from even expanded cable service. Plus, it's now possible to get DVDs of entire seasons of some television shows relatively soon after the season ends or to go back and watch a classic show from the beginning.

I'm listening online to archived NPR news and entertainment shows. I'm downloading free audiobooks from I can't say I'm doing more house work.

I'm temporarily giving up having a television because my TV broke and the Internet makes it easier to go without it than get it fixed or buy a new one--at least in the short term. I've had a few other periods in my life when I've gone an extended time without a television and thought nothing of it. The last time my TV broke, I went out and bought a new one the same day. I guess living with or without a television seems more or less reasonable depending on circumstances. Besides, when I finally get a new TV and get hooked back up to cable I will be so stoked.

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