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October 28, 2005

Moving day!

The mythical, wandering mover is scheduled to meet me at my apartment this morning at 9am. I am giddy with anticipation and trembling in fear. Will everything be there? Will there be...damage? No, it's too terrible to consider! Forms, estimates, deductibles--it's scarier than any Halloween ghost story.

Perhaps, by noon it will be something like Christmas in my home. "Oh, look, just what I've always wanted: the accumulated possessions of an unmarried, middle-aged woman with an unnatural fixation on yarn! Let's open all the boxes now!"

Unfortunately, moving in also means that I leave behind the wonder that is free wireless Internet at the Residence Inn. No hope to get back online until Monday at work and probably not until after Tuesday at home.

Bah! Who has time for the Internet when there are boxes to unpack!

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October 25, 2005

Forgive me...

...while I pout a little.

I had planned to spend tonight pondering the horror of unpacking an apartment full of boxes. Instead, I am spending another night imposing on the hospitality of my boss and the Residence Inn.

I have followed the progress of my possessions across the country for the past two weeks. Predictions were that everything would arrive today. But, no...and not tomorrow either. Why? The driver is experiencing a delay. What the...?

My fondest hope is that delivery will take place before the end of the week for two reasons: 1) my temporary home here will be going away at the end of the week because my boss will be moving into her new house; and 2) my father will be arriving next weekend and I'd like to have a bed for him to sleep in...oh, and 3) I WANT TO BE IN MY NEW HOME ALREADY!!

pout pout pout

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October 23, 2005

Lost Rhapsody

Here's something for rabid LOST fans like me. Hee!

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October 21, 2005

this is not just another business trip

Because I'm currently staying in a suite in a hotel, living with my boss no less, Portland doesn't exactly feel like home yet. I have to keep reminding myself that I won't be going back to my apartment in Maryland. Even though I've put in my first week on the job, I don't think reality will sink in until Molly and I are in our own place. I've signed a lease, but my stuff doesn't arrive until next week sometime; so, I might as well stay here where I have a bed to sleep in and a ride to work (although my car has finally arrived).

Thanks for all the well wishes and welcomes. If you live in Portland and you knit, there's probably a good chance that our paths will cross at sometime. I'm looking forward to having the time to check out yarn shops and knitting groups.

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October 16, 2005

We made it

Molly and I arrived in Portland without incident yesterday night. Today I signed a lease on an apartment and tomorrow I start work.

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October 13, 2005

Socktober again

I've been so distracted that it completely slipped my mind that it's Socktober again.

Happily, there are other knitters out there picking up the slack. Lolly has organized a whole army of sock knitters for the month complete with buttons and everything.


For me, this year, it seems like every month has been a sock month. Is there any end in sight? Well, probably. When I get unpacked, I'm going to try and be a good little knitter and finish some of those ABD sweaters I abandoned in the spring. Then, if I'm really good, I may even start a new sweater [that is, other than the new sweater that I've already started in secret. Shhh! Don't tell].

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October 12, 2005

As far as I'm concerned...

...even a good move is a bad move. Moving is just too darn stressful.

Three movers arrived yesterday around 10:30am and began to pack up all my belongings. They packed, and packed, and packed. One of the guys spent almost his entire time here just packing up the kitchen, wrapping each item individually in brown tissue paper.

I threw, and I threw, and I threw, and I still had so much damn stuff. I had a conversation with one of the movers about stuff. He assured me that I didn't have an unreasonable amount of stuff for a two-bedroom apartment. He said, however, that he didn't own that much stuff; probably because he spends his days hauling other people's things around.

I know it's their job, but I still felt apologetic for asking the movers carry my stuff out of here and down two flights of stairs. And, boy, did they carry! It was amazing. Two of them used straps looped around the boxes and tied across their chests to carry things sherpa-style. They could use this method to heft multiple boxes and large pieces of furniture. One guy carried a full chest of drawers down to the truck that way. He also managed six banker boxes of yarn at a time. He asked me what I was doing with all that yarn.

Now, I'm sitting in my mostly empty apartment. I've got a desk and chair that I will leave behind. I'm typing this on my laptop. I'll be sleeping the next few nights on a sleep sack on the floor. I've got my cat and the Internet. I'm doing OK.

Tomorrow is my last day at work. Saturday I fly away. I only have a wee bit of yarn separation anxiety.

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October 11, 2005

pack up your troubles

Getting ready to go offline for the rest of the day.

The movers are coming in less than two hours. Yikes!

Am I ready? Hell, no! At least I feel better than yesterday.

Oh, BTW, it's pouring outside again.

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October 10, 2005

I'm walkin'

My car has started it's cross-country journey without me. I just handed it over to two guys in the parking lot of a auto parts store where they loaded it onto a car carrier.

With luck I'll see it again in a week.

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moving makes me sick

The last time I moved, I was struck down with the flu; this time, it's some killer head cold.

Today is supposed the be the last big packing push before the pros come tomorrow. However, I think I'm going to go take a nap and hope the guys don't come to pick up the car while I'm asleep.


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