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August 26, 2005

untitled post #9

I don't know what makes it so easy this time to let things go. Maybe I really have changed.

[aside: How annoying is it that I accidentally posted about my own annoyance multiple times?]

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August 25, 2005

why didn't I do this before!?

because I wasn't ready yet.

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August 23, 2005

i am annoyed

i am annoyed, today, with everyone and everything...but you...i could never be annoyed with you

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August 22, 2005

remember me?

Still here. Still a little freaked out about moving, but all the great advice really helped a lot.

There is progress. A week from today, I head to Portland for a business trip with some extra days tagged on for apartment hunting. I bought a huge map book of Portland to help me find my way around and I've been reading up on Portland neighborhoods.

On the packing front, my friend Ellen came over yesterday and helped me get started on packing and organizing the stash. We boxed up all the 'in process' projects and half the random yarn.

Probably most helpful: we separated out all the yarn I'm going to give away. There's not a ton of it, but it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Some of that yarn has been weighing like an anchor as I've dragged it though three previous moves. It's stuff I've wanted to get rid of, but just couldn't part with for some reason. As silly as it sounds, as soon as someone else gave me 'permission' to let go of the yarn purchase mistakes of the past, I was so ready to say, 'Get it out of here!' Tomorrow, I'll be handing it off to 'the other Michelle' to distribute as she sees fit.

Another useful bit: we filled a small box with socks in progress (I have many of those). For the next few weeks, the only things I can work on come out of that box. No starting new socks or anything else. Benefits: 1) no digging through packed yarn and messing it up; 2) socks are small and require minimal concentration from my progressively blitzed brain; 3) I will get a sense of accomplishment from finishing things.

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August 16, 2005

note to self #1

stop reading scary moving websites

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August 14, 2005

i hate moving

[comic from 'toothpaste for dinner']

Actually, this is the first time that I'll be moving and wanting to divest myself of major portions of my belongings [except for the yarn, I want to keep most of that].

Thanks for all the encouragement and moving advice. I've known about this move for awhile, so I've already begun some of the planning and work [and none too soon as I only have about ten weeks until my projected move date]. I won't have a relocation specialist, but there is some money available and all my work-related books and papers will be taken care of.

I will be hiring movers and paying for them to pack things up. The last time I did a long distance move, I packed myself. I did pretty well and the movers on the other end were great. The movers on this end...not so great. When my stuff was finally delivered after a month in storage, it looked as though it had been loaded into the back of the truck with a backhoe. And forget trying to get any compensation for the few things that were damaged. Ugh.

So, if the movers are going to be packing, I want to make sure that they have as little to pack as possible. Out with all the unnecessary stuff I'm holding onto. Well, at least some of it. I'm still trying to decide whether to throw out the old journals and old boyfriends [not the boyfriends themselves, all the accumulated ephemera related to them]. Maybe someday I'll want to reminisce. But, out with a lot of other crap.

OK, here's where I need your help. I've already got some great moving advice, now I'd like some more. Tell me all your best moving tips, moving websites, moving stories--any of it. Help me make this move without shedding a tear...or, at least without throwing a tantrum.

Also, I'll be travelling to Portland, OR in a couple of weeks for a training workshop, so I'll have a chance to look for a place to live. I've already gotten a little background [thanks, Chelsea!]. It looks as though my book and knitting needs will be well met. Any more info about living in Portland and where I might want to live? I'll be working near the VA Hospital and OHSU, if that helps.

Major strategies right now: 1) acquire information; 2) throw out material possessions.

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August 13, 2005

Dr. Dork

I received a box of homemade cookies from my father in today's mail. It's amusing because he always includes 'Ph.D.' on anything he addresses to me.

Like most Ph.D.s I know, I only reference my degree or use the title 'Dr.' when it's directly related to work. Still, I know he's proud of me, so I don't mind.

Also, I do get a little thrill on the occasions when the guard checking my ID at work says, "Have a good day, Doctor". I'm such a dork.

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August 08, 2005

breaking the rules

I am currently quite content in my little blog vacation, and from the looks of things, it's the only vacation I'm likely to get any time soon.

The positive spin: I'm building my reserves for the future.
The less-than-positive spin: I occasionally enjoy being a lazy bum.

Rule 1: Do not give do not give your opinion.

     Breaking Rule 1: Hollywood must stop turning old TV shows into movies. In lieu of that, stop encouraging them! [You know who you are].

Rule 2: Do not talk about your accomplishments.

     Breaking Rule 2a: An article based on my dissertation research will be published this month in a big deal, fancy-schmancy scientific journal. Have now met a major life goal.

     Breaking Rule 2b: Yearly performance evaluation very positive. Hard work pays off and the lowly are richly rewarded.

     Breaking Rule 2c: Much knitting of socks and gloves. They make me so happy, I do not wish to share them with the world at this time.

Rule 3: Do not whine about your problems, real or perceived.

     Breaking Rule 3: I am EXTREMELY FREAKED OUT because in a little over two months I must be completely packed up and moved into an as yet unidentified apartment on the other side of the country. Nervous eating, poor digestion, disturbing dreams, emotionally fragile (more than usual), and an increased desire for steamed milk beverages and flaky pastries. Did I mention that I am EXTREMELY FREAKED OUT?

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