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March 30, 2005

radio paradise

Currently keeping me sane at work.

"Each hour of music is carefully blended together to flow smoothly between different musical styles & genres - just like real DJs used to do on FM. We don't use the computer-generated playlists or "carefully researched music libraries" that have sucked the soul out of FM radio - and we never just throw songs together at random the way many web stations do."

Want to see what they are playing? Check out their playlist for the past six hours.

Granted, I am lazy and ignorant in my music listening habits; nevertheless, I like this.

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March 22, 2005

changing Everyday

Emma asked for a bigger picture of the Everyday cardigan.

Here ya go.

new camera, can you tell?

Oh, that's not what you meant? OK, here's a picture that shows more. [You can click on it to make it slightly larger].

take a look

Sandra at Burnt Orange has just started her own Everyday and is wrestling with some questions about making alterations to the pattern.

Here's what I've done differently:

1) I changed the ribbing on the bottom. The original post about that is here.

2) I only worked 1-1/4" ribbing at the bottom and cuffs.

3) I think I made some modification to the sleeves based on something that someone said somewhere; however, that was so long ago I don't remember exactly what I did. Comparing the sweater with the pattern, it looks like I cast on 8 extra stitches at the cuff.

4) I only used the pattern for inspiration when it came to the bands. I didn't pay any attention to how many stitches it said I should pick up. I just fudged it. [I did pick up the same # of stitches on both bands though].

5) Also, the pattern would have you pick up the stitches with the right side facing, presumably break the yarn, and then start again (with the right side facing) and knit a row before starting the ribbing.

That's just silly.

I picked up the stitches with right sides facing, kept the yarn attached and headed back, beginning the ribbing right away (this first row takes the place of the knit row. This did complicate things everso slightly because at this point all my rows were headed in the opposite direction of those in the pattern. Therefore, when the pattern told me to knit, I purled and vice versa. The upshot was that when the pattern says, "With right side facing, purl one row. Bind off next row." I read it as, "With wrong side facing, knit one row. Bind off next row." Simple.

6) Just to make things even more interesting, I moved the buttonhole one row away from the edge. It didn't appear centered in the band to me otherwise. Additionally, I only made six buttonholes and calculated how often to place them based on how many stitches I picked up. [Maybe I made the body shorter too].

7) I didn't bother with the roll at the neck. Partly because I didn't like it and because I was concerned about running out of yarn. Instead, I finished the neckband edge like the buttonband edges.

I think that's it. I still love, love, love it.

* * *

And now for something completely different:

The thing and the box it arrived in.


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March 19, 2005



Yes, the unimaginable has happened. I have finished a sweater.*

I was sitting on the couch last weekend, reknitting the sleeve of the Colour Your Own sweater, and looked up to see the pile almost finished sweaters sitting across the room. They were glaring at me accusingly. I decided to appease the rabble and assuage my guilt and actually finish up one of the poor desperates. The Peace Fleece Everyday cardigan was the lucky one.

Now, why did I put this sweater aside all those months ago? It was done and all sewn together. The only thing missing was the bands.

It earned its spot in the tower of shame--that pile of UFOs--when I realized that I might not have enough yarn left to finish the bands. I panicked and went into denial; the sweater went into the pile. [Oh, I made a little po-em].

There it sat for six months (!) until I got inspired last weekend. [Of course, those were the six months that I could have gotten the most use out of it. But we aren't going to dwell on that, because that's not healthy. Just as we will not dwell on the fact that I started this sweater eleven months ago and that it took me eleven freakin' months to finish a basic cardigan, fer pete's sake].

Let's move on.

As it turned out, I did have enough yarn--barely enough. However, as punishment for months of neglect, I had to knit each front band at least twice (problems getting the bands the right length and placing the button holes) and the neck once (I didn't like the pattern as written).

But, all that's behind me now and I have a cosy new sweater to wear every day.

*[You will note that in the picture I am wearing the most current fashion trend among knit bloggers:new sweater on top, pajamas on the bottom.]

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March 18, 2005

untitled post #5

Yes, I realize how lame a knit blogger I am. Every day, I mentally compose a blog entry that never gets written. And the irony of it is that I have plenty of stuff I could be writing about. However, my tongue seems to be blog-tied. I remain mute.

I'll try and rectify the situation.

Aha. Here's some droolable news for knitters:

It's coming!

Yesterday, the program for the 2005 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival arrived in the mail.

Woohoo! It's as exciting as the arrival of the JCPenney Christmas catalog when I was a kid. From now until May 7th, I'll be paging through it and plotting my assault on the vendors.

For yet another year, I plan to resist the siren's song of spinning--needle-felting, however, is not out of the question.

And, it looks as though I'll have a new sweater to wear to the festival this year. Although it's bound to be a sweater that I'll be wearing Everyday anyway.

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March 10, 2005

things are going to change

Some things are changing too quickly, and others, not quickly enough. Nevertheless, in either case, things are going to change.

Don't believe me? Then maybe you will believe 'the child'. A storyline about the child and his ambiguously ominous pronouncement is just wrapping up in my favoritest online comic in the whole world, Scary Go Round (nee Bobbins).

My admiration is further amplified by the arrival in today's mail of the latest Scary Go Round book.

Read the comic, admire the art, marvel at John Allison's particular genius. Don't, however, expect everything to make sense at once; you may strain something.

I hope that by the end of the month I will be able to shout my own pronouncement of change from the rooftops. Many of you locals already know the probable impending change. If you do, keep it under your woolly, knitted hat for now. All will be revealed in the fullness of time.

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March 09, 2005

Listen to the Manolo!

The Manolo No-Poncho Pledge

You will thank the Manolo later.

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March 08, 2005

my drinking problem

This morning while rushing to get to a meeting, I attempted to take the final swig from my bottle of orange juice. Unfortunately, there was more juice left in the bottle than I anticipated and I ended up sticking my nose completely into it and spilling all over my desk.

In my surprise, I gave a quick little gasp and managed to inhale the rest of the juice though my nose and up into my sinuses. I think some of it even made it into my middle ears.

Needless to say, this was not a pleasant experience and my head is still filled with a decidedly citrusy tang.

Let this be a lesson to you.

[On the knitting front: I'm done with the first 'mountain lake' sock and I've started the second].

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March 04, 2005

swimming in a mountain lake

I am obviously way behind with posting. I just haven't been able to make myself sit down and do it this week. However, that doesn't mean that I haven't had things to post about.

We can go back almost a week to last Saturday, when I attended a yarn party hosted by Paula. [Other blog babes (who I know) in attendance: Chelsea, Lara, and Kate].

What's a yarn party? Well, it's sort of like a Tupperware party, only much, much better. Obviously.

There were big plastic tubs involved; however, they were filled to the brim with beautiful yarns hand-dyed by Jennifer of Spirit Trail Fiberworks.

Although it was all tempting, there were a few items that stood out to me.

Like a mountain lake

The first was this gorgeous superwash merino-blend sock yarn.

I love the colors--slate blues and grays with the occasional shot of intense teal. It's like looking at the reflection of the sky in a clear, deep lake. Knitting this sock makes me feel calm and happy. [That's actually what I've been doing quite a bit this week instead of blogging].

I'm sorry to have to tell you that this color is all gone at the moment. However, there are still other beauties to be had. Check out that screamin' red yarn. [On second thought, don't check it out. I don't want that to sell out too].

Ah, you are so beautiful.

The other 'must have' for me was a silk and merino blend in shades of rose and plum. I'm going to pair it with with a boucle in similar shades to knit the Silk & Mohair Boucle Scarf on this page.

The Philosopher's Wool sweater? Yeah, I worked a bit on that too. Needless to say though, I've had other things on my mind this week.

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