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June 30, 2004

bear 1.0

'unbearably' cute

The report on Stitch DC will have to wait until next time. I've got a new friend to introduce.

I spent several hours last night stitching the features onto the first felted bear. The nose was crooked or misplaced the first twenty or so times I tried. I eventually got it on straight and relatively even.

Next, I stitched the mouth. The first side looked good and was just a little turned up on the end; but for the life of me, I couldn't get the other side turned up at the same winsome angle without another twenty attempts.

Happily, the eyes went on with the first try. I dug into the button box to see what would work and came up with some small brown/black buttons I originally bought to put on my Mosaic vest. This is probably a better use.

You have no choice. You must love me.I stuffed him with fiberfill--the head is packed a little more firmly than the body--and sewed up the hole in his side.

I'm in love.

I brought the little guy to work today to show him off. As you can imagine, he was a big hit. However, everyone in inevitably asked the same question: "What's his name?" He doesn't have a name. Nothing comes to mind. Besides, I'm not sure that he'll be staying with me and I don't think it fair to name him if it's just going to change. Right now I'm calling him 'bear'; that seems to be working fine.

A couple of people remarked that he is naked. Well, duh, he's a bear. And anyway, it's summer--much too warm for a bear to be wearing clothes.

People also said, "You could sell those!" No, I couldn't. The bears are knit from a copyrighted pattern and I would have to receive permission to use it to produce bears for sale and would have to pay Fiber Trends for that privilege. So, all my bears will be gifts [or knit on commision with the price including the purchase of a new pattern for every bear and tremendous markup for labor]. But truthfully, if all the bears turn out this cute, I may not be able to give any of them away. I may end up surrounded by a sloth of bears.

Bear sat on my desk all day today watching over me and smiling his silent approval. He is very encouraging. I'm considering taking him to work with me everyday to keep me company and cheer me up when I get stressed. There's nothing strange about that, right?

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