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December 22, 2002

Socks for my sister

I'm on the Knitting Blogger ring now. Hi everybody!

I finished knitting the second sleeve of my sweater last night. However, I couldn't concentrate enough today to sew it together. It'll have to wait until the holidays are over.

I also put the finishing touches a present for my sister. I hope they'll fit her and that she likes them.

Lynn's socks

The yarn is Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in Blue Knight knit on US 1s. I enjoy knitting with this yarn but I haven't made myself a pair out of it yet and I don't know how it will wear. I always make the same sock, I only vary the length of the ankle or foot depending on the intended wearer and I always use short row heels and toes.

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December 21, 2002

First Post

OK, my first real post about knitting. This is the sleeve of the sweater I was supposed to have finished for Christmas. So close, but it's not going to happen. Still too much to do, including finishing cleaning the house before I go. Oh joy.

what a mess!

Perhaps this is why some people don't like intarsia: it can be a mess. Oddly enough, this doesn't bother me. I will knit a few rows until the tangle becomes unbearable, and then on the next row I will untangle each color as I come to it. On one level it can be very satisfying to remove all the tangles. Sometimes I will cut the yarn into smaller lengths and make little yarn butterflies but these blocks are really too big to bother with that; leaving the balls attached actually aids with untangling.

Because this is a pattern of blocks (more on that later), all the colors change on the same row. Then things really get ridiculous.

even worse

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